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The evaluation of the latest Toshiba P800

Recently Toshiba P, M, L and C series were fully upgraded, the Toshiba Satellite is home entertainment notebook series, the Testing Center received a Toshiba Satellite P800-T02S, which is a equipped with the SNB processor and the GT 630M significant independence and a Toshiba pa3465u 1brs battery, the biggest change at the use of new mold and 7-series chipset motherboard. Compared with the previous generation P700 new product is clearly beautiful, especially the champagne flowers engraved metal designs, fine workmanship, the whole seems very temperament.

The surface material of Toshiba Satellite P800-T02SA is more difficult to describe, but in fact it is metal, hand touch and cold metal pattern is the graphics of the rules of bricks installed, three-dimensional texture, very easy to leave fingerprints. Can be seen from the palmrest this function nameplate in the selling point of the Toshiba P800-T02S LED-hyun color, stylish metal body, Haman / Kardon speakers 1080P Full HD camera, shut down the music player, the SRS 3D sound, 9.5mm ultra-thin optical drive and a floating backlit keyboard!

Champagne top cover with silver-gray metal wire drawing LOGO with feel tranquil and quiet, very gentle tone. The Toshiba P800

is equipped with a high Toshiba pa3534u 1brs battery.In addition to the roof outside, the C surface of this material, the overall design is very unified feel of this material and color ban is very dirty in my experience, whether it is fingerprints or dust, or oil will not leave obvious mark, is also very easy to smear. Unlike some of the paint surface of the notebook is easily contaminated with grease, and easy to scratch.

There are interfaces on both left and right sides of Toshiba pa3537u 1brs. The left side is RJ45 interface, two Power Share USB 3.0, a 9.5mm thin recordable DVD drive. The interface on the right side is the headphone jack, audio Kong, a USB3.0 interface, HDMI interface, VGA and power port. Now many manufacturers like with the DP interface, but more from a practical perspective, or HDMI, and VGA devices. It is worth mentioning: two USB3.0 interface, support the shutdown of the left side of the charge, and can provide the supply of electricity to the mobile device twice USB2.0.

It is a substantial improvement in the C surface of P800, the keyboard using the chocolate suspension design, with backlight, keycap after Rounded, button elastic medium, the touchpad with innovative one-piece design, with one touchpad , the P800 about a contact, through to determine the location of the finger to identify the left and right buttons, but experience in general feel.

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How to use the laptop battery

There are a lot of friends who pay attention to the topic about maintenance and use of Sony vgp-bps9 battery . In fact, do not deliberately care about the laptop battery may actually better to the battery. In addition, the laptop battery does not require three times per 12 hours of charging. If using a laptop can provide a good stable voltage environment it is best to use an external power supply,at the same time,you can considere to remove the battery. If long-term use of laptop or notebook batteries, it is best to save the batteries are 50% of electricity.

Here to explain the misunderstanding of laptop battery:

First of all, the laptop computer battery is activated at the factory , in order to avoid the natural wear and tear affect the dell vostro 1510バッテリー battery performance will remain a small amount of electricity. Users to get the notebook is already activated, if you like the dealer said as the three previous 12 hours at a time charge the laptop battery to complete a fully charged it will automatically stop working, not only did not need charging time maintained until 12 hours, and to do so is to increase the loss of the battery. Overall, buy a new notebook computer just follow the normal charge / discharge method can.

Secondly, the laptop battery should not be completely discharged dell vostro 1700バッテリー battery devastating. With the change of use of time and number of charge cycles, the power decreased to normal, do not over-the pursuit of the perfect data, to no avail. Because now the laptop has improved power management circuits and charging management system, when the battery reached saturation, the control circuit will automatically switch to the off state, so long as full of on the line, not to say that you charge as long as you can use the longer the.

In addition, the daily use of the battery, using a laptop case can provide a stable power supply, the battery Remove the battery life can be delayed. Directly related to the life of the battery charge and discharge times, a single battery charge, battery to retire a step forward. Notebook battery life is generally 500-600 times to charge and discharge the battery effective use of most of the 2 years.

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iPhone 4s power-saving techniques

Enhance the performance of the hardware, especially the use of dual-core A5 processor that dramatically improves the power consumption making iPhone4S standby performance reduce the 100 hours than the iPhone4.Subsequent iOS5 firmware electricity to those who happily get the new iPhone4S mobile phone users into the embarrassing situation of a half-day charge..For this reason, I specially organize a few iPhone4S power saving settings cast here, so you have nothing to worry about the power consumption problem of the iPhone4S.We can not achieve what magic effect, but there is no problem for iPhone4S dell vostro 1310バッテリー battery to insist on a full day .

To achieve power-saving, we need to be dispensable, or shut down the service in the system which is not necessary to open.Based on experience, we can turn off the following services, when needed, and then open: 1.GPS location-based services: location-based services on the GPS will always run in the background, this power-hungry will certainly be shut down. Only when you need to map application, and then set to open it.

Cloud Services: iCloud is themain push function of Apple iOS5 , but this cloud services, network with the network at any time, transmit data in the background, we can imagine the impact on electricity consumption. This service can be shut down,usually at home or in the company when charging, and then open it to synchronize data. (4) Bluetooth: Apple upgraded the Bluetooth 4.0, reducing the power consumption of Bluetooth, but this service is the same power consumption. Do not want to run out of dell vostro 1520バッテリー battery, then, when not in use, turn off the Bluetooth.

Automatically update the time zone: this function in the system services in the location-based services options, in the location-based services must be open, you can try to shut down the service to power saving. Automatically update the time zone feature in fact, less power consumption, but may in iOS5.0 due to iOS5 software failure, once to turn off this service, iPhone4S would like to eat the Viagra place full of blood revived. Apple did not come up with the perfect dell xd187 battery to solve the problem, or will this feature off. Screen: Of course, we can not the iPhone4S screen turn off.

Need to remind you that you needn't to completely shut down the iOS daemon to save power.The iOS particular system design the daemon iPhone4S power consumption, almost no effect, but need to turn off the background, open the program again to reload the application, it will increase the burden on the system, further loss of power. After adjustment of the above steps, to believe iPhone4S standby performance, there will be a great improvement in the level. I hope we get iPhone4S and Apple iPhone4S have a pleasant journey.
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cross every river-Maria Arredondo

cross every river-Maria Arredondo

As the nighttime is falling
And the day flies away
Can you hear me I’m calling
Can you hear me, I say

That I would cross every river
I would sail every sea
I would climb every mountain
If it could bring you back to

I would part every ocean
I would catch every star
I would cross every river
To be right where you are

Baby lower your shoulder
And relax for a while
You’ve been running for ages
You have run all your life

But you know there will always
Be a part of you here
So wherever life takes you
You will always be near

That I would cross every river
I would sail every sea
I would climb every mountain
If it could bring you back to

I would part every ocean
I would catch every star
I would cross every river
To be right where you are

Many things I should have done
Many miles I should have run
Many fights I should have won

And if the stars fall down tonight
And all is lost no hope in sight
I’ll think of you and I’m all right

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Evaluation of the Canon SX 240 HS

The development process of telephoto camera development process can be traced back as early as just the rise of digital cameras.In that period from 2002 to 2004, People who has an equivalent 28-200mm focal length camera was enough to boast in front of friends his friends that this is a camera can be "a mirror with anything..Over time,telephoto camera has been a radical change in the 2012 . and the standby time of the HP G62 battery is much is compact enough to fit into the pocket and can achieve a 20x optical zoom.This is the protagonist of this evaluation - Canon SX 240 HS.

Canon SX 240 HS using a 12.1 million effective pixel CMOS sensor and equipped with one with 20 times optical zoom lens, equivalent focal length of 25mm-500mm zoom range can be achieved. The machine uses a new Canon DIGIC image processor, so this camera has a more comprehensive processing capabilities.Telephoto camera grip feel good or bad, it will directly affect the stability of the screen. Add a handle, not only to enhance the beauty of the camera but also a great help I ate stability. What's more,the Apple MacBook Pro 13; Battery are the same important,so Canon SX 240 HS is definitely a right choice

Intelligent automatic mode of the Canon the SX 240 HS can identify 58 kinds of scenes, compared to the previous generation of the SX 220 the HS is a not a great progress. At the same time, as the Canon image stabilization technology to be proud of ,in this generation of the SX 240 HS camera body has also been strengthened. Combination with 20 times optical zoom lens, this machine can make the subject matter of the player's shooting has become broader.

The shell of Canon SX 240 HS is made with metal.and the color of the main body is rose-red ,black and gray color design at the top and the lens part of the body.The measurements size of this camera is 106.3 × 61 × 32.7mm,weighs 201 grams and with a Dell Inspiron 1750 battery.It is bigger than the general card camera on stature,but still belong to the scope of the card, it can still be easily loaded carry inside the pocket ny the player.

Canon SX 240 HS using an NB-6L battery to supply power,which is a lithium IBM ThinkPad T60 battery with 1000mAh capacity.A full power can be completely meet the needs of the day's shooting and conventional shooting purpose. However, taking into account such cameras and more as the important task of travel photography, so it is recommended that it is necassary to buy a spare battery.

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